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Welcome To Local Farm Produce

Welcome To Local Farm Produce

Apr 18 2016

We are very proud to present the new Australian online directory for producers to promote their produce, value added products and events in one central place making it easier for consumers to find them. This directory is special because it not only lists produce and events throughout all the regions of Australia making food and wine touring a breeze, it also shows consumers if there are paddock to plate connections between different producers. We believe that when farmers sell locally and people buy locally, the local community benefits!




·         It is a national directory of farmers, producers, food festivals, farmer’s markets and farm experiences.


·         It is a virtual shopfront for local farmers and producers to promote and advertise their produce, value added products and/or events in one convenient location for people to find.


·         It has an internal verification system to demonstrate business connections between producers in the paddock to plate chain.


·         It highlights the different regions throughout Australia and what food/wine or experiences a region has to offer.


·         It allows not only consumers but also secondary and tertiary producers to source local produce.


·         It allows people to source local produce and products at farm gate, at specified shops or by private direct arrangement with the farmers and producers.


·         It allows you to discover and enjoy all the local produce and experiences around you quickly and easily.


·         It allows people to find specialty and dietary products more easily.


·         It is not a middle man! Producers pay to advertise but any sales generated through this advertising are 100% the farmers/producers.


·         It supports food and wine tourism in Australia. Tourism Australia has ranked ‘great food, wine, and local cuisine’ as one of the most important aspects in holiday decision making in Australia.


·         It allows visitors to save their favourite listings and print off their own food/wine/experience trail.


·         It gives all producers an opportunity to market, promote and sell their produce differently, instead of relying on the wholesale produce markets.  


·         It helps educate people and generate awareness on the importance of local produce and creates a community of like-minded people who are health and environmentally conscious, and who are interested in local sustainable foods and the paddock to plate system.


·         The heart of this project is to promote and support Australian Farmers, Australian produce and to ultimately support the future of Australia by supporting local communities.


·         It can offer people the opportunity to experience farm life.