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Good Food & Wine Show Brisbane- OCT 2016

Good Food & Wine Show Brisbane- OCT 2016

Nov 02 2016

We tasted and sampled our way through the 3 day Good Food & Wine Show at the Brisbane convention centre this weekend enjoying some of the best food and beverages that Australia has to offer. This show moves to different capital cities and aims to showcase the amazing diversity of Australian value added products both locally and around the country. It is always a tasty treat attending one of the shows!

There were 180 local, national as well as some international exhibitors, all displaying their artisan value added products to hordes of people walking past. The exhibitors were broken up into different sections such as Artisan Square, Tucker’s Natural Cheese Alley, Brewery, Barossa, McLaren Vale and the Granite Belt Wine Country which made it easier to navigate our way around all the stands. Each section had something to offer and was very enjoyable to visit. Apart from getting to taste the wonderful products from all the individual boutique producers, it was an opportunity to talk to the producers and learn about how and where they make their products. It was great to watch consumers connecting directly with Aussie producers and learning about the food they make.

Apart from visiting all the individual stalls, there were lots of cooking demonstrations, food and wine masterclasses, and meet and greets with celebrity chefs to keep you entertained all weekend long! From cheese, wine, craft brews, nuts, chutneys, jerky, liqueurs, condiments, chocolates and spices to name a few, there was a lot to taste and enjoy! 

Visiting the Good Food & Wine Show makes for an enjoyable and tasty weekend!http://pixel-geo.prfct.co/cs/?partnerId=yahhttp://pixel-geo.prfct.co/cs/?partnerId=twtr

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