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Do you know your different cuts of beef?

Do you know your different cuts of beef?

different cuts of beef
Feb 21 2018

Yummy, yummy beef! So many of us love our beef but few actually know where the different cuts of beef come from in the animal. As a general rule the cheaper cuts of beef are from the muscles that do a lot of movement so are tougher, whereas the dearer cuts of beef are from the muscles that don’t do as much work so they are more tender and classed as your prime cuts. When you buy diced beef/mince or sausages at the shops you are buying the cheap cuts of beef as it would be a sacrilege to use prime beef to make sausages! Here is a rough summary of the different cuts of beef:

First, have a look at this image of the overall different cuts of beef. Next, we break each section down into what common beef cuts you will find from these different sections.

CHUCK (some of the more economical cuts of beef, great for stews/slow cooking as the meat is tougher)

·         Blade roast

·         Short ribs

·         Stewing meat

·         Chuck steak

RIB (dearer cuts of meat, juicy and more fat ‘marbling’, great for grilling)

·         Cube roll known also as Scotch Filllet or Rib-eye Fillet steak

·         Rib-eye roast

·         Back ribs

BRISKET (economical cuts, great for stewing/slow cooking on BBQ)

·         Brisket roast (flat and point)

·         Stewing meat

PLATE & FLANK (tough cuts of beef, great for stewing/slow cooking)

·         Skirt steak

·         Flank steak

SHORT LOIN (super tender, dearer cuts of beef, great for grilling)

·         Tbone steak

·         Porterhouse steak

·         Strip steak

SIRLOIN (tender cuts but not as tender as the short loin or rib, great for grilling)

·         Sirloin steak

·         Stewing meat

·         Trip tip roast

TENDERLOIN (most tender cut of beef, great for grilling)

·         Eye fillet steak

·         Fillet mignon steak

·         Tenderloin roast

RUMP (leaner meat, great for roasts, stews and grilling)

·         Rump roast

·         Rump steak

·         Minute steak

·         Oyster steak

ROUND (leaner meat, great for roasts and stews)

·         Round or topside roast

·         Round steak

OTHER BITS (a lot of these are for slow cooking)

·         Tongue

·         Cheek

·         Knuckle

·         Shank/shin

·         Neck

·         Oxtail

·         Offal