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Aussie Helpers

The Aussie Helpers goal is to keep farmers on their land, when times get tough.  Help from our organisation includes face to face visits to each property in the area, food, personal items, clothing, kids school fees, hay, fodder stock feed (hay, lick blocks, dog food, molasses etc), fuel cards and recently launch a new initiative, online, sms and face to face Mental Health assistance to farming families at no cost to the farmers.

Aussie Helpers is a self-funded charitable organisation that has been operating for the past 14 years and with no support of the Government.  That’s right, we only exist because of the many supportive caring Aussies who donate every year to our charity to keep our good work going.


Website: www.aussiehelpers.org.au

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Buy a Bale

In just a few short years, Buy a Bale has developed a following and reputation for effective, sincere, heart felt and targeted rural assistance.

This Australian signature drought relief program has delivered millions of dollars in assistance in just a few short years.

Simply asking Australians to Buy a Bale of Hay for a needy farmer touched the hearts of thousands as the program has delivered fodder to most parts of Queensland and drought affected areas of New South Wales and some into South Australia.

Buy a Bale’s mantra is to provide assistance to rural communities, those who cannot do it for themselves. Over 1800 farmers have trusted their details to us and we have delivered assistance to over 1300 of them.

As the years roll on Buy a Bale will expand its operations to support all of Australia affected by drought, flood or natural disaster with a focus on rural areas. Our suite of programs include:

  • Farmers Card - Loaded cash card to pay for essentials
  • Farm Sitter - People to sit on farms while farmers go away
  • Holiday Hosts 4 Farmers - Australians providing free accommodation to farmers, either a holiday home or a hosted stay
  • Farm Aid - a directory of community events and rural service providers
  • Under the Stars - Tourism campaign to draw people from the cities to the bush in Sept/Oct school holidays
  • Farm Rescue/Farm Army - volunteer program supplying tradies and others to farms to fix equipment and infrastructure

Buy a Bale works with other rural support organisations and government bodies to provide the most cost effective rural solutions to drought, fire and flood.

Website: www.buyabale.com.au