Farmers Markets

Who doesn't love visiting a genuine Farmers' Market on the weekends? 

Farmers' Markets are great for everyone as they offer farmers the opportunity to retain more profit as they are selling direct to the public without middle men, and consumers get to interact with the farmers as well as enjoy fresh, tasty, seasonal produce.

There is a clear cut difference between a general market and a farmers market; the key difference is that a farmers market is centred around farm origin produce and value-added food/beverage products, whereas other markets contain craft, bric-a-brac and resellers (i.e. people who buy produce at wholesale produce markets in capital cities and then bring it back and resell it at a market stall giving the false illusion that they have grown that produce themselves). 


Victorian Farmers' Markets Association

Website: www.vfma.org.au

When shopping at a Victorian farmers’ market, the public should have confidence in the authenticity of producers. i.e. that the person they are transacting with is the person who grew or made the produce. The VFMA Accreditation Program ensures this and provides a solid basis of quality, integrity and fairness to all consumers. The program advocates best practice and celebrates the work of genuine Victorian farmers, specialty makers and farmers’ markets. The program ensures the credibility of participants in a proudly transparent process. Look for the symbol of authenticity; accredited markets have worked for the right to display these VFMA accreditation logos.

Farmers who grow or raise produce in Victoria or within 100kms of the state border are eligible for accreditation as Farm-based Producers. Food makers who source a high percentage of their primary ingredients from within Victoria are also eligible to become accredited with the VFMA as Non Farm-Based Specialty Makers.